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Lisa Keith reports on Laural Wilt, a potentially devastating disease for Avocado trees in Hawaii. Currently the disease is not in Hawaii and is mainly affecting the Southeastern coast of the US mainland.

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Industry analysis: Identifying research and extension priorities for Hawaii's avocado, banana, citrus, and specialty fruits by Mike Nagao.





Choice Mart Puts Fresh Fruit Forward


Choice Mart Grocery Store in Captain Cook's Kealakekua Ranch Center dedicates the first aisle in the produce section to locally grown citrus and other fruit.

Choice Mart's well-known dedication to local growers took a step forward Monday morning Feb. 2 when the store changed the produce section to feature locally grown citrus, rambutan and pineapple on the first aisle when customers walk into the store.

"The first produce aisle in most Hawaii grocery stores show apples and other imported fruit or lost leader items. Having the better quality locally grown fruit up front makes for a great display and helps the local growers who are some of our best customers as well as suppliers. Currently we sell only locally grown avocados, papayas, pineapples and other local produce. Buy Fresh Buy Local means a lot to us" said Tom Palusak, Produce Manager.

The store also tested the brix or sugar content of imported oranges and local oranges finding the local citrus had a higher sugar content and better taste.

"This is a great step forward for the store, its customers and our growers," said Ken Love from Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers. "Choice Mart's dedication to fruit and other produce growers should be a role model for the rest of the state." Choice Mart's fresh locally grown fruit comes from dozens of Big Island growers.

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